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Deductive fabrics new trend,Touch fashion zero distance

Fashion functional textile r & d and production.


Water pulp printing process is a basic printing process in the screen printing industry, which can be printed on cotton, polyester, hemp and so on, almost all of the light background fabrics, widely used. It works like a dye, except that it "dyes" an area of the fabric to the desired color. Therefore, this process can not be applied to the fabric with deep background color. The advantages of water slurry printing process are wide application, good color fastness and relatively low price.

Created by the knitting world, let knitting lead the fashion jump!

Knitting element is not only filled with memories of growing up, but also has an irreplaceable noble identity in winter. It can be presented to you in a thousand ways, flattering you, pleasing you, making you love it, and then taking it home with all your heart when you really like it.

01.for legs enough confident girl, might as well try knitting single product of the bag buttock skirt, it has other fabrics can not replace the braid grain advantage, and the relative elasticity of close-fitting package out graceful curve.

The future development trend of knitted textile fabrics!

Knitwear, as an important group of textiles, has played an irreplaceable role in meeting the demand for clothing of the domestic people and entering the world consumer market in great strides. However, we should see that under the promotion of high and new technology, the technological content of the world's textiles is not the same as that of the world, and knitwear has made great progress. However, compared with the world's advanced level, China's knitwear production still has a lot of room for improvement, especially the knitting dyeing and finishing is more backward.

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