Zhejiang Guanmu Textile Technology Co., ltd.

Based on requirements of innovation fabrics in fast changing,Guanmu pursuit “Innovation, creativity, creation” as the basis and use the latest trends and color matching to strive to become a new product development base of knitted fabrics.

Guanmu have many different models, different guages of varieties of advanced knit machines,Jersey machine,interlick machine,hacci machine,rib machine,terry machine and Jacquard machine,which can produce different kind greige fabrics.The ponte roma and terry greige is in stock.welcome customers to sample processing custom.

Factory strength

Focus on fabric production for more than 10 years, more sophisticated process

50 Weft Knitted Machines

Including Germany imported single-sided machine, imported double-sided machine, rib machine, loop machine, coarse needle machine, three-line hoodie machine.

Long - term roma cloth, terry cloth blank.

Inspecting Machine

For customized bulk goods, the warehouse will arrange to roll up and inspect the goods. Do the last check before shipment.

Sufficient Stock

A large number of spot neatly arranged, can be timely supply spot.

Warehouse area of 10000 square meters, large capacity, to the downstream business to reduce inventory pressure.


Has a supporting dyeing factory, preferential dyeing custom

It has its own weaving factory -- GuanMu, with an area of 3,000 square meters and an annual output of 2,000 tons

Resident fabric collection center

Pinnuo has been settled in the "cloth dock" of the global fashion fabric collection center all the year round, and has placed a number of cloth rolls.

In 2020, 40 more rolls were added, and tens of thousands of rolls of sample cloth are available for customers to cut rice samples.

exhibition hall




Offline sample room

Thousands of large sample CARDS, convenient for sales staff to directly send customers feel sample;

Customers can get the sample card and feel sample for free in the first time.

There are two communication areas in the spacious sample room,

equipped with coffee machine, for customers to relax and communicate.

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