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Created by the knitting world, let knitting lead the fashion jump!

Knitting elements, loaded with not only the memories of growing up, but also the irreplaceable dignity of winter. It can be presented to you in a thousand ways, pleasing you, pleasing you, making you love it and bring it home with joy when it's in your bones.

01 for the girl with enough confidence in leg shape, you might as well try the skirt with buttock wrapped in single knitting, which has the advantage of braided grain that cannot be replaced by other fabrics, and relatively elastic close-fitting wrapping gives graceful curve. Strong contrast color collocation presents full-bodied national wind, dress up infinite beauty in limited youth.

02 loose knit no matter inside take outside wear, have distinctive flavour. Mixed cotton thread knitting, blurring the line between light color and dark color, soft excessive telling women tenderness. With the same cotton fabric baggy trousers collocation, all send out the attitude of literary youth with sex.

03 lace, that looks like even arrangement of smooth small holes, like a woman's careful mind, behavior throw foot can show the unique elegant temperament of women. Slim and thin stereo clipping, from the brim of the hat to the edge of the hair bulb just added a few minutes of drape for the whole, start road to more clever lightsome.

04 Modal, natural plant extraction, good for the human body, feel smooth, delicate, dangling good, Modal fiber fabric cloth surface level off, delicate, smooth, with natural silk effect. Both permeability and water absorption are good, excellent drape. Girls' choice of casual clothes!

The jacquard knitting of fabrics of very simple sense and stereo grain 05, warp yarn and weft yarn interweave each other rise and fall, form different pattern, concave and convex have send, the warm breath that adds in a little cold season, carry fashionable feeling to go forward together.

06 comfortable and warm characteristics of the loop, can give attention to fashion and functional. As the hoodie, because of the fusion of comfort and fashion, has become the age of sports equipment.

Created by the knitting world, let knitting lead the fashion jump!

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